Just a regular simlover.
You'll find here everything I make from creating sims to some photoshop sim-based manipulations
Enjoy !
Get Out Of My Head
Jacob on the poster of “the game”
Example picture for the 3rd assignment of SA Modeling competition
_______________________________Jacob sur l’affiche de “the game”
Image d’exemple pour le théme 3 du modeling de SA

My pictures for “Allure” on Unbound (2)

( Mes images pour “Allure” sur Unbound (2) )

1- Couples

2- Shoes Ad

3- Jewlery Ad

4- Fashion Week Ad

5- Magazine Cover & Bonus Ad (theme chosen : Edgy colourful high fashion)

My pictures for “Allure” on Unbound (1)

(Mes images pour “Allure” sur “Unbound” (1) )

1- Eye-wear Ad

2- Make-up Ad

3- Summer clothes’ collection Ad

4- Showcasing a travelling destination

5- Showcasing a painting

The new version of Emma wind !

La nouvelle version d’Emma Wind !

Never Give Up
Two of my favorite male sims : Jacob and Kevin (The newest)
The Water Fairy
La fée de l’eau
Chained Freedom
Liberté enchainée

My new sim : Jonathan :D